Thursday, 4 July 2013


            Do you know Bedugul Lake? Maybe almost all of Balinese know Bedugul Lake, because Bedugul Lake is one of the famous tourism objects in Bali. The location of Bedugul Lake is very strategies; it is in Baturiti district, Tabanan Regency. Everyone include me like to visit Bedugul Lake, because Bedugul Lake has so many beautiful views. When I visit Bedugul Lake I never expect everything will be bad for me. I lost my motorcycle’s key in Bedugul.
            Last week my friends and I went to Bedugul Lake to fish. We enjoyed the amazing views of Bedugul Lake. Inside of Bedugul Lake there is a temple, the name of that temple is “ Pura ulun danu”. Everyday there are so many tourist and local people visit Bedugul Lake. They spent a lot of time just to enjoy the view of Bedugul Lake, refresh their mind, or just to take some picture there.
            My friends and I were fishing in Bedugul Lake and we got many fish. When we want to back home, I realized my key lost. I could not do anything and accepted my destiny. I called my father by my phone but his phone was off. I confused what should I do. I could not do anything because I was panic, my brain could not think well. Finally I pushed my motorcycle until home. I got a lot of sweat and felt so exhausted.
            From the story I get many useful experiences in my life. I promise will be careful later on and keep my own thing properly.

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