Thursday, 4 July 2013


My Parent’s Fault

            I think everyone in the world is different. He / she have different habit, behavior, and attitude each other. As my parent who has different character, my father is patient and diligent person and my mother is stubborn person. Although they has so many differences in their life but they still be romantic couple. Different is a good think to understand each other.
            Maybe everyone in the world hope has a good parent in his/her life so that they can have a good family, happy family in their life. Actually my family is good, but I have some problems with my family. My mother is stubborn person and sometimes she often does what she wants to do. She likes to buy many kind of jeweler such as: necklace, ring, etc. It makes the finance in our family not run properly.
My father very often gives his best advice to my mother, but my mother ignores and did not care with my father’s advice. A good wife should listen and respect what her husband said, because the husband is the head of family. My father always keeps silent in the house and tries to look for the best solution to solve the problem. The stubborn person always does everything to get everything to get what she wants.
We know everyone has differences in his/her life. As my parent’s fault, differences will make us misunderstand each other, and from the past I will learn how to build a strong, happy family later on in my future.

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