Thursday, 4 July 2013



            Football is one kind of sports. One team consists of eleven players and every player has his own duty. Such as the duty of striker is to make some goals, the duty of the goal keeper is to keep the goal from the enemy. There are so many football players in the world such as Christiano Ronaldo. Football players come from Portugal always becomes trend center in every game because he has a complete skill when he dribbles the ball in the field. Not all of football players have good skill, good endurance, good control, and great technique. If we want to be a good football player we should have a good skill, good endurance, good control, and great technique when we dribble the ball.
            To be a good football player is not easy. First we must do exercise every day such as running so that we have good endurance, good health. Next, if we already have good endurance, we should train our skill such as control the ball well, shoot on target, etc. Besides, we also need help from the coach to make our preparation as a good football player more perfect.
            After that don’t forget, the most important things is we should often do exercises because it is the effective way to improve our skill to play football. Besides, we should join in every competition and show our skill that we have to make the other trust us, if we are a good football player.
            If we as a good football player, we will get a lot of benefit in our life because football is famous sport in the world. To be a good football player will not easy for everyone because football is hard sport. We realize the key to be a good football player is we should have a complete skill and be able to play football well.

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