Wednesday, 1 May 2013


  1. in what way you change your friend's bad habit may??
    yes. money is important.everything needs money. actually your friend is kind person, but the situation pushed him to be lie and did such a bad thing like stealing. i think he did not know the other thing to get money except stealing. he want to get something that he wanted to have but he did not want to do something which can produce money. everything needs effort. ;)

  2. i think you should care to mechanic of writing like using coma.
    If we are honest we will get a lot of friends, i think be better to use "when than if"

  3. may you are good friend. you are brave to ask a good way to your friend. from your writing i know that you care with your people around you especially your friends.
    actually i still confuse in your writing especially in second paragraph
    what is the main idea in the second paragraph? the effect of stealing or the reason why he steals his parent's money?

  4. you do the right way to stop your friend habit, it also show that you care and need your friend habit chance. i will not comment about you grammar or structure in your sentence. the important thing is about the meaning that i get on your writing. i think your writing good anggara. :)

  5. I agree ith you if we want to buy something we should be honest with our parents, not by stealing. You are wise and good friend to suggest your friend to change his bad behavior. Because it is essay, the word 'didn,t' in second paragraph should 'did not'.
    have a nice day..

  6. Nice all.
    Thank you very much for your advice and opinion.