Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Mystery of pengerupukan day

                                    MYSTERY OF PENGERUPUKAN DAY

            This incident came from my past. Last week we made a meeting with all member of youth organization in my village. The name of youth organization in my village is STT Mertasari (Sekha Truna-Truni Mertasari). We talked about making Ogoh – ogoh. In our Balinese tradition we know when we celebrated “pengerupukan day” we must be making and bring ogoh – ogoh around the village the purpose just to neutralize the bad power of our village.” Pengerupukan day” is holy day and we as Balinese usually celebrate it one year once by making and bringing ogoh-ogoh around the village. In the meeting my friends had idea to make ogoh-ogoh in this “pengerupukan day” but in my heart I disagreed with their idea to make ogoh-ogoh. I kept silence because I was afraid to talk and I knew that nothing I said or did would change the situation because lack of confidence that made me keeps silent.
            In Bali make ogoh-ogoh in “pengerupukan day” is our tradition because we can show our creation and we can make a good relationship each other especially in among STT. Last week the purpose of the meeting to let every member of youth organization open his/her mind about idea to make ogoh-ogoh in this “pengerupukan day”. In the meeting last week we just had limited time to determine our choice and every member of STT Mertasari free to give his/her own opinion about making ogoh- ogoh.
After every member of STT Mertasari give his/her own opinion about making ogoh-ogoh finally, almost all member of STT Mertasari agreed to make ogoh – ogoh in this year although there were some argument between one and other member. But that was the final result of our meeting last week and every member should be accept and respect the final result. We have enough money to make ogoh-ogoh. We got a lot of money from many source such as we make a bazaar every “Galungan day” and made other positive even. We as member of STT should be active and smart to look for a chance to get a lot of money not just depend on the other contribution.
 In my heart I disagreed with my friend’s opinion to make ogoh-ogoh because I had my own reason. My reason was last years when we were celebrated “pengerupukan day” by bringing ogoh-ogoh together around the village we had misunderstanding with the youth of other village. I didn’t want the same situation happened twice because I knew before the people brought ogoh-ogoh around the village they were drank together with their friends. When they were already under of alcohol control I think they couldn’t control their self well they were very often had misunderstanding each other even with their best friend. Actually at the meeting I wanted to protest but I didn’t have any courage to protest this problem in front of my friends. I was afraid if my friends had misunderstood with me. I hope the “pengerupukan day” in this year will not be same with the last years and everything will be ok.
We as Balinese people should be able to run our tradition properly so that we get a good result as what we want because the purpose of “pengerupukan day” is to neutralize the bad power of our village not to add the bad power by doing something wrong. Everyone especially Balinese people should be understands the meaning of “pengerupukan day” not just celebrate it by drinking the alcohol beverage. The incident last year taught me about many things and I got many experiences in my life to be better person than before. Can you image what will happen to our tradition if you are not aware and very often do something wrong? It will bring many negative impacts for our real life because “pengerupukan day is holy day.
Maybe next time I will do the protest if there is something wrong doing by my friends or the other. We know everything need a process and I think I need learn more from many source how to do a good protest. If we want to protest about something we must be have a strong reason so that the other trust us.

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