Tuesday, 19 March 2013


We as human being cannot life alone without the other, everyone needs a friend. Favorite friend is someone who is very important in our life, someone that you trust, and someone who understand you. The best friend is always being there near of us when we feel happy, sad, down, etc. I have my favorite friend. His name is Agus and he is from Asah Gobleg village, Buleleng regency. He is tall and handsome person, he has 175 cm of tall and 70 kg of weight, and he has short black hair and oval face. Now, he studies at Ganesha University of Education and takes major in computer. We have a good relationship each other. When I have a problem that can’t solve by my-self he often gives me his best solution to help me solve my problem. My friend and I have many similarities in personality, habit, skill and hobby.
            He has many good personalities. His personality are the first one is he is responsible person same with me, when he does something he usually do it until getting a good result and he is never give up to get what he want. If he is not success to do something he will try again and again until get a good result. The second point we are friendly person , I friendly just to the people that I know like my friends in the class, my friends in my village and he is friendly to everyone, that is one of the reasons why he has many friends. Although he has many friends he is not arrogant person.
We know in this era it’s so difficult to find best friend because everything depend on money. The third point we are silent persons. If there is not something important, we never talks too much to our friends, but about his personal problem he usually share to me and I usually give him my best advice to help him solve his problem. The fourth point is he is shy person same with me and until now he doesn’t have girlfriend. Actually, there are some girls like him but he never opens his heart to them but to looking for the girl me usually more active than him. The last one is he is as my motivator that give me motivation when I have a problem, when I down and give me motivation to be better person than before. We also have many good habits such as; we are a diligent person, we never be absent to attend a meeting class in the campus since in first semester until now, when we makes agreement with the other we always came on time and never be late because our motto is time is money.
He likes to help each other same with me. He usually helps with his pleasure his neighbors that need his help and I usually help my friends in the class, village, that really need my help. He is smart person and has a good memory. He always gets a good result and score in every semester because he always studies hard. I always try to follow good habit of him but I cannot do it until now. I always study hard every day but sometimes I get little score. We have good similarities in hobby, our hobby is playing football. We usually play football together when we have free time after school. Our favorite football player is Christiano Ronaldo. Football player who came from Portugal country always be trend center in every game that is the reason why we like him so much. Now he plays for Real Madrid football club in Spain. We like him because he has a complete skill, a good dribble and strong shot when play in the field. He is the most expensive football player in the world until now. We also have a strong football team where in every game we always work together to make some goal and make our team wins.
            We have a good relationship until now. Beside that my friend and I have many similarities in personal, habit, skill, and hobby. That reason makes me so close with him because understand each other. We don’t think about what will happen tomorrow, next week, next month or even next year. We just know that we will be the best friend forever because he always helps me when I have a problem as long as he can, and I do so.

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